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Dentist in Biloxi, MS describes dental crowns

Patients who require restorative therapy may need to have dental crowns placed. Dr. Irons, a dentist near Biloxi, MS, provides a wide variety of general and aesthetic treatments used to improve the function and beauty of smiles. One of the most commonly used treatments includes dental crowns, as they are extremely versatile. They are used in many cases in which the tooth needs to be protected, restored, or covered.

Dental crowns are made of porcelain, a material known for its strength and beauty. These restorations are fabricated using impressions of the natural teeth. These molds are sent to an outside laboratory where the crown is made following the precise instructions of Dr. Irons of Gulf Coast Dental Center. This includes shape and color. Within a week or two, the restoration is sent to the dental office and patients can return for bonding.

Dental crowns are used in many situations. They can be utilized for restoring a dental implant to replace a missing natural tooth. They are bonded to false teeth, called pontics, to make dental bridges, also used for restoring a smile after tooth loss. Additionally, they are placed over natural teeth for protection and strength, especially after trauma, breakage, or root canal therapy. Crowns can offer cosmetic enhancement by covering natural teeth that are permanently stained and discolored. These versatile restorations are common in dentistry, and are usually covered by dental insurance as restorative and necessary. Patients who need dental crowns can work with our front office to determine if they are eligible for coverage through their dental insurance.

Dr. Roy Irons offers a number of solutions for patients who want to improve the appearance and overall function of their smiles. If you live in the Biloxi, MS area and are interested in learning more about dental crowns and other restorative services, contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation visit. We’d be happy to discuss with you your dental needs and desires.
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