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What happens during endodontics therapy in Gulfport?

At Gulf Coast Dental Center in Gulfport, we understand the variety of situations that may occur and bring patients to our practice. We provide general dentistry services, including endodontics therapy to provide patients with the quality care and attention that their smile needs. When patients are dealing with pain and discomfort of a tooth and they have learned that it is infected or abscessed, they may need to undergo a treatment called root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment used to avoid extraction to save a natural adult tooth. It is the last resort before the tooth is lost. Patients with deep cavities that have infected the inside of the tooth, called the dental pulp, may need to have endodontics therapy performed.

Many patients are unaware of what happens during endodontics therapy. The idea of a root canal brings to mind pain, however, the treatment relieves the discomfort patients may be experiencing. The team at Gulf Coast Dental Center works with patients to determine if root canal therapy is best.

Before the procedure, patients are properly anesthetized and they can be sedated if necessary. This allows patients to be comfortable throughout the treatment. A small hole is drilled into the tooth to allow the dentist access to the dental pulp. The tissues, nerves, and blood supply housed here are removed, and the area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Antibiotics may be administered before or during the treatment to address infection. Then the tooth is filled and sealed, and a dental crown may be used to cover the tooth to provide strength and protection. This is due to the weakened structure that may occur from the procedure, and allows patients to keep the tooth from experiencing breakage, which may result in the need to extract it.

If you live in the Gulfport area and you are considering a quality dental team that is committed to your health and wellbeing, contact Gulf Coast Dental Center today to schedule a consultation visit and determine if procedures such as endodontic therapy can address your discomfort and improve your quality of life.
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