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What is a Root Canal Gulfport

What is the point of a root canal in Gulfport, MS? Frequently asked questions

What is the root canal, anyway?

Our teeth have several parts. At the very core of a tooth is the pulp chamber, which holds pulp tissue, nerves, and blood vessels.

Why do you recommend root canal treatment?

Sometimes, the infection may develop in the pulp chamber of a tooth, where the nerves lie. This infection may come from an untreated cavity, physical injury to the tooth, or may even stem from gum disease, which can affect the root directly. Root canal therapy is a common endodontic treatment in which infected tissue is removed, along with the nerve of the tooth. This process eliminates infection and, thus, the pain caused by that condition.

Why does root canal therapy hurt?

The idea that a root canal is somehow a painful procedure is the biggest misconception in dentistry. The fact is that there was a time when dental technology was not what it is today, and most dental treatments were rather uncomfortable.

It is important to understand that root canal therapy does not hurt! Typically, any pain that may be associated with the root canal is the pain of infection within the pulp chamber of the tooth. Often, people fear treatment, so they put off seeing their dentist until they can no longer handle the pain of a persistent toothache.

Root canal therapy is performed on a numbed mouth, just like when you get a dental filling. We use tiny tools to remove infected tissue, and gentle techniques that ensures patient comfort.

Following treatment, mild soreness may be felt for a day or two. This temporary discomfort is easily managed with over the counter pain reducing medication.

I don't have a toothache, so how can it be that I need root canal therapy?

Finding dental problems early, before pain sets in, is an ideal situation. On the other hand, it can be difficult to understand why your dentist is recommending treatment when you feel no pain. During routine dental examinations, we closely evaluate x-ray images to see any problems that are not visible to the naked eye. If we detect a problem in the root area, we share what we can see with the patient, so that there is a clear understanding of the need for treatment.

Can we just pull the infected tooth?

Many people have such a bad impression of root canal treatment that they believe the more appropriate course of action is to remove an infected tooth. Though this may sound reasonable, removing a tooth is no less complicated than treating the tooth with root canal therapy. In either treatment, local anesthetic is administered to block pain. Each procedure takes about the same amount of time, and each requires some sort of follow up.

Removing a tooth means that replacement must then be planned. In the end, the process of extraction and replacement with a dental bridge or dental implant would be more complex, as well as more costly.

Will further treatment of the tooth be required?

Teeth that have had the nerve and pulp removed tend to become somewhat brittle over time, making them more susceptible to fracture. For this reason, most treated teeth are capped with a customized dental crown. A crown will cover the tooth surface, taking the brunt of bite force during chewing.

What we are focused on at Gulfport Dental Center is helping our patients get and keep their healthiest, most attractive smiles. Learning that a root canal is needed can be unpleasant. We assure you that, in our Gulfport, MS dental practice, you are in good hands.

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